Reader Report

Reader Report


With this, I forgo the line-editing and fixing mistakes. Rather, I read your manuscript in full and give a report on how it reads, including elements character, voice, plot, structure, and other major writing considerations and elements.

By not focusing on the small details along the way, I can focus on how everything fits and ties together.

Perhaps you are already confident in your writing, and just need an opinion; or perhaps you know your writing is how it needs to be, but just something is off. I can help with that.

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Rates are fixed for this service.

No changes will be made during this service. We read your manuscript document in the form you choose and provide feedback.

When we receive your order, we will contact you by email to discuss specifics and any concerns you may have, as well as receive documents to be edited.

Please be sure to check out for your order to be processed. The below form is for contact information.

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