Pricing + Services


Editing services starting at $20/hour.


Basic Copyediting

$20/hour — Basic Copyediting includes: correct spelling, correct grammar, correct punctuation, format for unnecessary spaces, check for consistency.

Heavy Copyediting

$30/hour — Heavy Copyediting includes: correct spelling, correct grammar, correcting punctuation, formatting for unnecessary spacing, checking consistency, checking cross-references.

Website Copyediting

$40/hour — Send us a link to your website, and we will make notes of where there are spelling, grammar, punctuation or other errors! We will go page-by-page, line-by-line.

Developmental Editing

$45/hour — With Developmental Editing, I will work with you to make sure your plot stays consistent and to build your project into the best version it can be.

Substantive / Line Editing

$50/hour — With substantive or line editing, significant changes may be made to your manuscript (with track changes so that you can reject the change, if you choose). Changes may include rewording and reorganization of text.

Create Your Own!

$5 — Don’t see the exact service you need? Create one!

I want to accommodate as many clients as I can. If you see a service that almost meets your needs, but just doesn’t quite fit… Contact us! Use this BYO service to contact us and we can discuss final pricing after designing your custom editing service.

Cover Letter / Resume

$10 (fixed rate) — With this package, I will look over your cover letter and/or resume to help you make it amazing!


 $30/hour — This focuses on spelling and major punctuation errors.

Fact Checking

$30/hour — With this package, I can help you: find resources for research, double-check your sources for accuracy, cross-reference your sources and your project for accuracy.


$50/hour — With this package, I can help you: edit and format an existing index, create an index from frequently-mentioned terms or a list of terms you provide.

Book Layout

$45/hour — With this package, I can create a layout of your book for self-publishing. I use Adobe InDesign to do this. I will work with you to create a design that you like, including fonts and spacing. Specifics can be discussed as we progress.

Brainstorming Sessions

$100 (fixed rate) — Set of 5 email/message sessions (thirty minutes each) where you can bounce ideas around with me, and I can play the role you need (advice on how to advance the ideas, etc.). You decide the platform we have these sessions on.

Reader Report

$200 (fixed rate) — With this, I forgo the line-editing and fixing mistakes. Rather, I read your manuscript in full and give a report on how it reads, including elements character, voice, plot, structure, and other major writing considerations and elements.