Get ready to make your writing the best it can be! With Read Right as your editor and proofreader, we can work together to reach the writing goals that you have and get your documents ready for what you have planned.


Located in Mississippi, USA



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Twitter: @EditingRead

Facebook: @readrighteditingllc


7am – 8pm Weekdays
9am – 3pm Weekends


What we do:

  • Edit for clarity

  • Proofread for grammar and spelling mistakes

  • Look for issues with structure or other inconsistencies

  • Format documents

  • Fact-checking and simple research tips

  • Work with you to make your writing and documents clear and well-written.


Types of Documents:

  • Novels

  • Short Stories

  • Letters

  • Fiction & Non-Fiction

  • Indexes

Writing Styles:

  • Chicago Manual Style

  • Associated Press Style (AP)

  • Modern Language Association Style (MLA)

*We have experience with these types of writing and styles, but can accommodate you to your preferences.

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